Version History

Release History

  • 3.4 build 142 - 17 December 2022

  • Add "Camp Perry" course

  • Add announcements to match preparation

  • Improve pages: settings, drill, quick calculator

  • 3.3 build 139 - 29 November 2022

    • Fix store review shortcut

    • Fix audio issues on older iOS versions

  • 3.2 build 138 - 28 November 2022

    • Fix online help

    • Avoid iOS crash when displaying unavailable photo

    • Fix issues in crash reporting and recovery

    • Improve menu tappability

  • 3.1 build 137 - 8 November 2022

    • Restore full volume on previously impacted iOS devices

    • Reduced audio artifacts during match

    • Target turning timing improvements

    • Improved camera management, focus and flash

    • Alibi scoring limit fix

  • 3.0 build 130 (Android and Windows) / 3.0.1 build 133 (iOS) - 10 August 2022

    • Feature updates:

      • Modern navigation with popups and sliding menus

      • New scorecard screens with summary and convenient export

      • New "quick calculator" for scoring single targets

      • New in-app camera with alignment, zoom, and more

      • Add President's Hundred match

      • Support TenXTrainer target turning system

    • Fixes:

      • Audio timing fixes

      • Target turning refire compliance

      • Fix crash when previewing or sending deleted photo

      • Storage write permission removed (no longer needed)

      • Improved screen tap action for start/stop/cancel

    • App compliance:

      • Update to latest Store and Privacy requirements

      • Supported platforms changed for library compliance (scroll for list)

  • 2.4 build 119 - 11 August 2021

    • Audio fixes

  • 2.3 build 117 - 1 July 2021

    • Add a Shot Drill repeating cycle counter

    • Display additional detail when target turning fails

    • Fix some audio dropouts over Bluetooth speakers

    • Address some rare crashes and exceptions

  • 2.2 build 116 - 16 March 2021

    • Support for app "shortcuts": Match, Drill, Timer and Score

    • Workaround for high sound latencies and certain errors

    • Revised Slow Fire load call

  • 2.1 build 115 - 10 February 2021

    • Updated call scripts, improved sound clarity

    • Photo capture update, better resolution and compression

    • Tap to pause/resume during line ready calls

    • New beta feature: submit scoring to web-based services

    • Bugfixes and user interface refinements

  • 2.0 build 110 - 4 January 2021

    • New feature: Export matches, scoring and photos via email, with .csv attachment!

    • New feature: Support for Target Turner System devices

    • Tap the indicator to turn target manually, when enabled

    • Fixed some popup alerts not showing

    • Fixed photo save failure on Android Q

    • Shot drills up to 20 seconds, with new animations

    • Add in-app feedback button in Settings

    • User interface refinements and improvements

  • 1.3 build 105 - 29 November 2020

    • New, quicker, clearer radio buttons in Settings for match, range, calls and signals

    • Corrected some highlighting issues in stage indicator buttons

  • 1.2 build 103 - 23 November 2020

    • Fixes:

      • Fix huge About section in settings on some devices

      • Fix off-center buttons in 600/900 on some devices

      • Fix calculator narrow buttons and clipped text on some devices

      • Improve clarity for manual score entry when photographing target, also allow cancel

      • Corrected turning inhibit when no long line

    • Enhancements:

      • Shot Drill interval delay (0-10 seconds)

      • Shot Drill and Prep Time on-screen adjustments

      • New matches: 300×2 and 300×3 (2 and 3 NMC's)

  • 1.1 build 102 - 17 November 2020

  • Fixes:

  • Added time for turning/resetting targets at end of strings

  • Corrected target photographing glitches

  • Enhancements:

  • Simplified manual scoring process for target photos

  • 1.0 build 100/101 - 11 November 2020

    • Initial release!

Supported Platforms

Bullseye Match is currently available on the following platforms:

  • Android

    • All Android from 5.0 API 21 (Lollipop) to present

      • version 2.x also supported 4.4 API 19 (KitKat)

    • Phone and tablet, also Chromebook (app version 3.x only)

    • ARM 32 and 64 bit, and x86/x64

  • iOS

    • iOS 10 to present

      • version 2.x also supported iOS 9 / iPhone 4S

    • iPhone 5 and up

    • iPod Touch 6th gen and up

    • iPad Air/Pro/Mini - 2nd gen and up

    • Also on Apple Silicon Mac (M1/M2 systems)

    • ARMv7 (32 bit), ARMv7s and all ARM64 (64 bit)

  • Windows

    • Windows 10 1903 (Build 18362) and Windows 11 (Build 22000) to present

      • version 2.x also supported Windows 10 1803 build 17134

    • Any laptop, tablet or mobile, also Xbox console

    • x86/x64 and ARM, 32 and 64 bit

Note: each relevant company's policies may override the above applicability in future

The following libraries are used:

Bullseye Match is Copyright © 2017-2022, by Tom Talpey. All rights reserved.

The Bullseye Match Story

Bullseye Match began in early 2016 as an Android app. In our weekly indoor Bullseye league, our coach Arny Buckman was running several matches a night, making the calls himself with the help of an ancient rangebox timer. We all deeply appreciated this, but it cut into his shooting, and the team had to practice with random mp3 files, or our own ingenuity. So, I decided to try my hand at an Android app. Arny graciously agreed to let me record his voice. We bought a bluetooth soundbar for the range. Arny ran the app from his tablet, and he reported his life was forever changed.

The initial version was successful, but many of our team carried iPhones. So not everybody could use the app. In 2017, I made a new decision to try my hand at C#, .Net, and Xamarin. With some effort, I was able to translate the app to the new environment, and make it available on multiple platforms.

The whole team used the new "RGCBullseye" app, and gave valuable feedback on features, usability, and reported any number of issues, large and small. It became a tool for all our matches, but it also brought the team together, as it was incredibly valuable for new shooters, who could train on their own, and learn the rhythm of the match without the stress of the weekly event. The calculator function became invaluable in explaining the scoring, and especially, Alibis!

Recently, support for FreedomTech's PTTC Personal Turning Target Controller was added, and my thanks go to Fenton Jones for his support and very thorough testing. I have no financial interest in his product, but it's a great personal training device.

With the 2020 pandemic keeping teams apart, and after three years of development with dozens of internal releases, it's time to share the app more broadly. It's the author's sincere wish that the bullseye community everywhere finds it as useful as we do here at Riverside Gun Club.

Tom Talpey, November 2020