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The Bullseye Match Story

Bullseye Match began in early 2016 as an Android app. In our weekly indoor Bullseye league, our coach Arny Buckman was running several matches a night, making the calls himself with the help of an ancient rangebox timer. We all deeply appreciated this, but it cut into his shooting, and the team had to practice with random mp3 files, or our own ingenuity. So, I decided to try my hand at an Android app. Arny graciously agreed to let me record his voice. We bought a bluetooth soundbar for the range. Arny ran the app from his tablet, and he reported his life was forever changed.

The initial version was successful, but many of our team carried iPhones. So not everybody could use the app. In 2017, I made a new decision to try my hand at C#, .Net, and Xamarin. With some effort, I was able to translate the app to the new environment, and make it available on multiple platforms.

The whole team used the new "RGCBullseye" app, and gave valuable feedback on features, usability, and reported any number of issues, large and small. It became a tool for all our matches, but it also brought the team together, as it was incredibly valuable for new shooters, who could train on their own, and learn the rhythm of the match without the stress of the weekly event. The calculator function became invaluable in explaining the scoring, and especially, Alibis!

Recently, support for FreedomTech's PTTC Personal Turning Target Controller was added, and my thanks go to Fenton Jones for his support and very thorough testing. I have no financial interest in his product, but it's a great personal training device.

With the 2020 pandemic keeping teams apart, and after three years of development with dozens of internal releases, it's time to share the app more broadly. It's the author's sincere wish that the bullseye community everywhere finds it as useful as we do here at Riverside Gun Club.

Tom Talpey, November 2020