Feedback and suggestions for improving Bullseye Match are welcome! While we cannot promise to implement all requests, each one will be read and considered. Our goal is to make Bullseye Match the go-to app for bullseye activities, everywhere.

Your feedback on bugs or any unexpected app behaviors is particularly important.


Here are some of the ideas being considered for the app in future. If any of them are of special interest, or if you'd like to suggest others, please feel free to use the feedback button above!

App features

  • Email export of session info, including date, time, score, photos, notes, etc. Added in 2.0!

  • Pause capability during the initial Ready calls, to allow more time when needed. Added in 2.1!

  • Animated target image in drills, for dryfire training. Added in 2.0!

  • Modern app navigation, with "flyouts" and fewer popups. Added in 3.0!

  • Custom call scripts, possibly including:

    • Synthesized voices in any language supported by the device.

    • Custom recording for familiar voice, preferred wording, etc.

    • Alternative commands and formats for CMP matches, etc.

Hardware support

  • Support for additional target turning systems. "Target Turner" (now "TenXTrainer") added in 2.0!

  • Running on Samsung Smart TVs.